Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, last week I went to Marikesh. I wanted to upload pictures with this post, but they are on Neil's Camera, and he's in California. It was pretty fun, a very bazar place to be, but it was fun. First, we took the 4 hour drive there Sunday morning. We got to the hotel, unpacked a tiny bit, then took a quick dip in the pool, which was freezing. Yes, I know it's a Sunday, but we were all on vacation, and, well, I think we kinda forgot it was Sunday anyways. After that, we went in the hotel, changed, and searched for a few english channels, they usually had Arabic subtitles in them. We cought the last half of "Coming to America", with Eddie Murphy, then we saw "Unbreakable", with Bruce Willis. Both very good movies. We got dinner after that, and it was okay. I'm not very used to Moroccan restuarants, let alone their dishes, but it was good. I had fish, but I liked the rice with shrimp and stuff alot better. The next day, we had breakfast downstairs, schecked out, and went to some lake. I forget the name, but it was big, square, and had fishes in it. We fed the fishes with bread that cost 1 dh. I have pics, but not with me. Then we went to this really cool garden, where they grow a bunch of herbs that I can't remember or can't pronounce, but they all smelled really good. After that, we went to the biggest attraction, "The Square", which isn't really a square, but oh well. The only thing I really like about that place was the freshly squeezed orange juice. It was delicious. There were about 15 more orange juice stands, doing the same thing, I don't know how they all stay in buisness. Then there were some snake charmers, but I knew snake were deaf. I learned that they drug them and make them dance. The snake charming music is so anoyying. They play it over, and over again. I also became an "alomst " victim to some dude who wanted to make money. There were people everywhere that wanted to sell you things, no matter where you went. Anyways, some guy comes up to me, starts speaking french, not sure what he was saying, other than he was begging or he was selling somehting. He put a snake around my head, put his cap on my head, expecting us to take a picture and pay him 200 dhs, which is about 18-20 bucks. Of course, Neil was telling him in French to stop, we don't want a picture, sorry, good bye, stuff like that, and the guy finally gave up. It would've been a stupid picture anyways, the snake around my neck was either drugged or dead. We got lunch, and had some fish pie thing, it was pretty tasty. We got some of this yummy ice cream after that. On the way home, we stopped at this little shop with a bunch of cool stuff, like fossils embeaded into plates, geods, candle holders, lots of stuff. I picked up some things for my family, he gave us a good price, since Neil was friends with the guy. In morocco, there really isn't a set price on anythihg, you can haggle, I haven't done it yet, since I don't know how to speak French pretty fluently, but I'm pretty sure it's fun. :)
In the car, me and Anna watched lots of MASH (which, by the way, we finnished the season the other day, great last episode), and we were home in no time.

Wish you were all here, but Morocco isn't big enough for everyone, unfortuatley. We should plan a trip to Rwanda...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Note to Home

Here's a letter to home:

"Tutoring is going very well. I like it alot. I am tutoring Josh's and Kent's ( one of our friends little brother) class, who I think is in 5th grade.I will make sure to ask them, help me get a boost in earning cash by my self. I show them tricks, but I think I should stop. Not because sticking an entire pencil up your nose and pulling out of someone's ears is setting a bad example ( I tell them to never do it, but I probbably won't be doing it anymore because...), but because THEY KEEP ASKING ME TO PULL A COIN OUT FROM THEIR ARM OR SAYING "DO THAT RING TRICK AGAIN!!!!" EVEN THOUGH I'VE SHOWN THEM THAT 40 TIMES!!!!!!! AAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!But they're good, I'm glad I'm there.
I'm glad you finally got rid of those cars, now we can eventually fill it up with a broken Lexus and Chevy! And just so I understand, Marcus Dairy Store might be staying open a little longer since they're not sure wheather it's a good or bad idea to? Well, wheather I make cash there or not, I like they're root beer and STUFF.
Oh, and speaking of excersize, we (meaning the whole family) did a mini workout thing, which lead up to a goal. Neil said that by the end of 2 months, we should ALL be able to do 50 push-ups. Right now, I'm on 3. Grrr, but I've been keeping up with my excersixe before that, so I'm trying my best. But it is so hard to eat healthy here!!!! First of all, Amina makes this awesome chocolate cake and lemaon rind thing that you gain 5 pounds just looking at it! Second of all, Neil is always making salsa, which is really good, we eat it all the time. And third and worst of all, Mary and Anna DRINK DIET COKE FOR BREAKFAST. WE HAVE SO MUCH SODA HERE!!!! 1 CARTON OF MOUNTAIN DEW, 2 CARTONS OF ROOT BEER, AND SOON TO BE 2 CARTONS OF DIET COKE!!! (They bought a case of diet coke, you know, the carboard boxes with about 12 of them in it, it was gone the next day. Anna is such a pig when it comes to Diet Coke) Anyways, I've been trying to keep up at being healthy (oh yeah, Amina make these awesome crapes all the time, and all the time we ALL somther them in NUTELLA!!!!), and they said by the time I leave, I will be Drinking Diet Coke for breakfast with them. Those little devils... Very excited to hear about the trip to Rwanda! I am actually kind of jelous. I wanted to be more apart of all this stuff, with Owen and Mzee, and now this Miza thing. Tell B & N I am very jelous. I'm glad Jonah is finally breaking a habbit!!!! I'm also glad you found him. I can't wait to here from him. Speaking of which, I'll TRY call you at about 2 30 your time. I had my first piano lesson the other day. She's all right, she's a person in our ward. I very much used to Barbra's style though, whatever that style may be I don't know! :)
Glad to here Noah and Ben are having some fun with the Wii. I have not played the Wii at all here, other than occasionally helping Josh with a video game. Josh and Matty are doing just fine. Josh does get a little anoyying, especially to Anna, he and his little ninja, superhero, gun shooting mind... Matty talks a little more. Josh was doing the Worm the other day, so I said I could do a backwards one. I just did the Worm, just in an opposite direction, and Matty laugh so hard!!!! It was very funny. I see a little more of Neil now, He had to be gone for a week or so in another country, but now he's back. He's really good at push ups. :) Hope you are all having a good time!!!! Wish we had a web cam!!!!!


PS, who won the masters? "

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello from Rabat!!!

I'm here in Rabat, Morocco. It is pretty awesome. I've done quite alot these first few days. I've gone to a birthday party of one of Anna's friends ,didn't really like it though, to boring, well, for me. There was lots of music, and lots of people were acting like dumdums, throwing sodacans at each other, playing some game I don't know, listening to music that has lyrics like "F*** you B****, Kick your ***!!! (cuts to heavy metal screaming)". Anyways, birthday party, I played baseball (which they signed me up for without me knowing), it was fun. Our team won. Went shopping with Anna's (and now mine) friends, Mary, Grama Ann, and her Daughter Sue. I got this cool puzzle box. Went over to a friends house (all of these friends here were friends of Anna first, but I'll just refer to them as "friends" now, and I'll occasionally give their name), and had church, which was fun. OH, and watched like a whole season of M.A.S.H. Right now, Anna and Josh are at school, I've done all the school work I am able to do at the time, and I'm doing fine.

Hi to all!!!!!!!!

ps, I forgot my camera at home, so I can't take any pictures, but when my camera gets here, I'll take a bunch and post them.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Tomorrow, I go on an airplane, at 8:20pm. Then, about 9:20pm, we take off (you know airlines, make you wait another hour because the captain doesn't like the food on board and went someplace else to get food, and now the staff can't find him :) )
and then I wait for 7 hours and 25 minutes, and then land. THEN I'LL BE IN MOROCCO!!!!!!! But then I have to go through Customs, which I hear is isn't really the thrill of your life, but after all the legal stuff, I'll get picked up and I'll go home and sleep for the amount of time the plane ride was.

That's my plan.

I'm about packed, just some last minute stuff. I'll try and post pictures when I've been there about a week.

BYE BYE!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April Fools Cake

Wish I had a picture to post here right now, but you guys will just have to live with a description, I might upload a pic later though...

For April Fools, me and my mom made a cake for dinner!!!!!!!


This was no ordinary cake. It was actually a double-decker meatloaf cake. With mask potatoes as icing!! Then we mixed potatoes with Ketchup and red dye and wrote a bunch of stuff on the cake. It looked like a real cake!!!!

We were going to make a real cake to eat afterwards, just so they wouldn't feel bad... but we didn't. :)

I got the recipe from . It's a cool little website.