Saturday, June 28, 2008

Home Awaits Me...

Sorry I haven't posted for ever. I was planning to put a bunch of pictures, but it takes so long because I have plenty of pictures, I can only do five at a time, and it takes about seven minutes for each batch. So I will upload as much as I can when I get home and have a faster computer!!!

I leave July 1st. This has been a very high point in my life. First time out of the continent, over seas, and by myself!! Not many kids get to do that. My brothers and dad did just get back from Rwanda doing an animation class, but I stayed for three months, and I am ALONE!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAH! My mom did come and check up on me. That sneaky little person, using me as an excuse to escape to Morocco! It was still fun. My French is coming along, it's going to be hard and easier to learn it when I get back. Number one, I will not be forced to speak it in US, since everyone there speaks English, but Number two, I won't be homeschooled anymore, so I will have a set scheduale of what I have to learn. I just hope I'm cought up enough to even be in French class, verbs are a problem for me, will need to nail thse during the Summer.

It is very late here, I'm sorry to say, so I must stop, go to sleep, and dream of... of... the plane ride home...a nice long eight hours in the plane... C'est l'avie!