Thursday, November 27, 2008

No more goal.

I screwed up. Never mind the goal, I'll just write whenever. I just got back from the Parade, loved it. We walked a whole lot, but it was really fun. I found this really cool website that I suggest anyone who reads this blog should look at. It's . It's really cool. I wish I could upload a picture, but I don't know how to do it from the picture they give you. But just look at it, and you'll know what to do.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Seven Day Goal!

My Goal for this week, or really seven days, I will post on my blog everyday. Whether I have nothing or not, I will just type whatever I feel like. Starting tomorrow of course. Right now, it's too late. Oh, and I guess each post will be at least an average paragraph long, and will hopefully be interesting, and, of course, my gratitude for today.

Gratitude for Today:
-I learned the rest of our Tango dance for Peter Pan.
-I got a FaceBook on Friday.
-I got straight A's and a B in Science on my report card.
-I have one merit badge till I can get my Eagle Rank in Scouts (not including the Eagle Project)
-I have a new friend... a yo-yo in Science class. It's pretty fun. I have ring marks on my fingers and bruises on my hand, but it's still fun.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peter Pan

Well, no one really looks at my blog, but if you're reading this, then thanks  for supporting! Anyways, I am going to be a pirate in my school's play of Peter Pan, which is so far going pretty good. I practice every Wednesday from 2 to 6, but we usually have like a half hour break while our instructor person works with another group. Today, we finished learning our Tango dance, when Captain Hook is singing the song about the poison cake. It's pretty funny.

I am going to copy something from my aunts blog (under Links, she's Lily)

Gratitude for today:
-I learned my funny tango dance for the pirates.
-It was color day at my school. The Freshman wore yellow. I got "tagged", meaning someone in an upper class put their color on me. There was a smear of purple from my Sophmore friend the entire school day.
-I have piano lessons tomorrow, that's always a good thing to look forward to.
-I have getting better at Badmitten, or however you spell it.
-I had Hot chocolate..............yumm..........