Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I'm going to try to make up for it, by doing what I said I'd do but haven't been able to do so! Pictures!!!! (The pictures arn't really in order, so I may be showing you the patio, then some trees, then some more patio, or something like that. Sorry!)

That is the front walk to the front door and the gate leading outside.
Some tree that are in our backyard.
Part of the patio. We haven't eaten there much, we need to more often.
Some more trees and more yard. Hey, trees are cool, especially when they have these awesome little fruits ont hem that taste so awesome!!!!!
If you don't have cable... Right now I'm on the third season of House. There's even more than this in another bookshelf, full of videos!

This is the right part of the kitchen. No dishwasher, so there's a dryer next to the sink.

The other side of the kitchen, this is usually where we eat when ever we're hungry, or the tv room... haha
Here's their strange looking moroccan toilet. No little knob you push down, just a button. This one is convienintly shaped into a cresent moon.
Their outside patio on top of the house, but this is just part of it. There's a walkway that goes all the way around the house.

This is my bed room... so far this is my bed.

These are the closets, I only use one
Along with a desk in the corner, and a dresser

This is upstairs, where everyone's (except Matt's) room is.
And a TV, the computer, a Wii, and apparently Guitar Hero

This is the Dining Room table. The cards are there since this is a hot "Solitare" spot in the house. We eat here usually when we have guests. I don't count.

This is the living room, there's a fire place on the other side of
room, but my camera didn't pick it up.

Well, that's most of what it here. I haven't had my camera forever, so when ever I can I'll upload pictures. I went to the prphanage, but forgot my camera int he car, so other people are going to send my Aunt pictures, and she'll give them to me, which I will give them to you.

Hope you liked the pictures!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Moroccan Update!

I had fun yesterday!!!!! Yipee! Uncle Neil got back from California yesterday, he brought back a bunch of movies, like Grease, The WaterHourse, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Bourne Ultimatum and Idenity, and a
few others. I broke my goal, or achieved it, or whatever you'd callit, by going without soda for a week, although, I forget when I madethe goal, so I had to guess, anyways I drank some soda. It tasted so
good. I also, the other day, did 20 push ups. My head exploded, but itwas worth it. Then we all went to the orphanage.It took us about 2 hours, we watched Grease on the way there on theirlittle movie player. We picked up Sufian, a friend, to come with us,he's about 21. He's been there a bunch, same with Mary, but he speaksEnglish, Arabic, French, and Berber, so he helped us out. We had to climb 7 stories of stairs (or 128 steps, I counted, not includingplatforms on the stairs) to get there. It was in a hospital. Anways ,the kids there are so cute! There was one baby that was abandoned and
found by the side of the road in a box. She was so tiny! I don't think JJ was even that tiny when he was first born. Then I saw all the other
babies, made them laugh the same way we made JJ laugh when he was
little. I met the kid the baby were Thinking about adopting. (One of them was away, visiting some family, so we didn't see her.) This baby ,HE WAS SO CUTE!!!!! He is 16 mounths old, born Jan 9 th I think. His
name is Jalil. We had fun playing with him, we would throw him up andhe would laugh, we would tickle him under the arms, and he wouldlaugh. Then we went to a room where they kept some of the older boys.Sufian told us there was a blind boy who would feel Sufian's hands,his face, and reconize him and yell "SUFIAN!" They were all real fun. We went to Sufian's house afterwards for dinner. His house isn't likemost of the housed I've been to, is was smaller, but big enough. Marysays their avtually really poor, but they good off in Morocco. Theywould probabbly be living in the projects in the states. I met hisfamily, they are all so nice. I should Sufian and his brother Mustafaalots of magic tricks, and they never got bored! They loved them, Ihaven't done that for a long time. I kind of ran out of tricks by thetime I left, and they were all so confused! How the coin got into theother hand, how I knew what theit card was, etc. His sister made thedinner, Sufian apoligized for the small dinner, but it was huge!First, we had tiny little appitizers of cookies, nuts, and tea. Thenfor the real food, a plate of salad and this potatoes stuff, which wasdelicious. Then we had bread and chicken. I learned how to eat like
they do; with your hands. You take a piece of bread, and grab some
olives, or chicken and eat it together. They had a type of handlingfor it, what to do, it was so cool, and it filled us up. Then we had
fruit for dessert, and I had a very delicious orange. Sufian showed us
2 different ways to cut the orange, both very convinient, then mary showed him how me, Laura and Grandma eat oranges. I showed the rest of
his family a few tricks, stuff like making an orange peel disapear andre-apear. I also learned a little berber, since his mom only spoke
berber, and a little french. 'Tenmert' is thank you. I forget how tosay you're welcome though, I'll have to ask.
As always, I miss you all! Hope Ben and Noah are getting along fine!

OK, Talk to you all later!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya'all!!!!