Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mom!!!

December 21 was my mom's Birthday. She turned - (I don't think she wants me to put her real age in there, so I'll just put...) - 29. My dad went and booked a room at a local hotel, and decorated it. There was one of those spinny light disco ball things, there were streamers, balloons, and Wayne Newton ( ok, I'm joking, there weren't any streamers). It was fun. We blindfolded her, then my dad took her to the hotel. Our job was to hide, then yell "Happy Birthday!" to her. She was so suprised! We then had Ice Cream cake, cookies, and TRIED to watch a movie, but the remote wouldn't rewind, and we couldn't pause, so we just gave up on it and went swimming. We slept there, and then went swimming again.

It was fun, and i think she had fun to

If you really want to know her real age, then you'll have to look for it in the mess of numbers:


Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Tickle Your Siblings

I wrote this essay for school. I want your guys opinion.

How to Tickle Your Siblings

Your little siblings, whether brother or sister, will get to be very annoying. You want to give them a good punishment, but not a harsh one. So why not make them laugh, really, really, hard, but how? No one knows the funniest joke in the world, and it really depends on what type of jokes they like. So what do you result to: Tickling.
--- Tickling your little sibling is hard. You need to know where they’re ticklish, when the right time to tickle them is, when to stop tickling them so the can breathe or they’ll start crying, etc.
---- First, you need to find out where they’re ticklish. Maybe tickle them a little, or watch someone else tickle them, and see where they laugh the most. The most common one is under the arm. My brother laughs harder when I poke his belly. Second, you should tickle them at the right time. You don’t want to do it when they’re unhappy, or they just got home from school or woke up from a nap. When your playing a game, and they beat you, that would be a good time. They’re happy, you’re happy, and you have a perfectly good reason to tickle them till the laugh they’re bladder lets loose. Third, is to know when to stop. When they’re bladder let’s go, for example, is a perfect place to stop. If they start crying and hitting you, you should say “Sorry”, then run and hide before mom comes.
--- Now, this may not work for adults and they’re siblings for 3 reasons: (1) It just doesn’t look right to see a 50 year old man trying to tickle his 35 year old brother, (2) There are better ways, now that you’re both older, to torture him, and (3) You brother now has biceps as big as you head, and is the size of a Fedral Express Truck.
---- Now you know how to tickle your brother or sister. You could go without all the trouble to figure out where it tickles, when to tickle, and to find out when to stop, and just not tickle them at all if you’re not that type of person. If you do succeed, though, in becoming a tickle master, you can always move to other, bigger, and really hard-to-tickle type of people; your parents.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Best Thing I've Seen on the Internet for a LONG time...

This is very Funny. It's called Animation vs Animator 2. The first one is pretty funny. i suggest you watch that one first. But the second one is my favorite, so I'm just going to post that one.

if the video doesn't work, just click the link above it.

There's a game on this too, where you can do SOME of the things they do here. But it's still a fun game.

If you want to find the game, or the first little short film, the Google it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

The Iraq government has been shooting our troops for more than 20 years. We have tried many things!

But the US government has developed something so clever, so powerful, I'm sure the Iraq government would never have come up with anything like it.

I have been lucky enough to obtain a picture. Through many confusing binary codes, I have been able to hack into the government's account on " "

Here is the picture on one of they're "secret" sites:

If you dare, you may send this picture to you "closest" friends.

Wish our secret weapon GOOD LUCK!!!


Just in case you didn't know. This isn't true. I found this picture on the internet, and thought it would be funny. If you really thought this was real... then I'm sure you would like to learn more here.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone! It's the begining of December (well, near the begining). We have had snow here in CT! We didn't get that much, but it was enough to stick.

Just a reminder about an old site ( but maybe new to some) of the 12 days of X-mas.

This took forever to make, so enjoy it!