Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PIcs are Finally Here!

Sorry it took so long, here are the pics of that big fire that happend at the air port near my house. They're out of focus, but that's because it's was so hard to get even a good picture of the fire. I think these might be some of the good ones. ( The blue light is me trying to get a good picture with my cell phone...I never got that good picutre...)

Well, let me get some better pictures for you to look at, laugh at, or don't even bother to look at them!

Here's JJ, being a true Summerhays at just 2 years old!

I'm not sure when this was, a Halloween party, Pajama party, or we were lucky enough to find a batman suit for JJ in a box somewhere in the basment and thought "Oh, wouldn't JJ look cute in this?"

I don't need to explain this one at all other than that I kept the red eye because he looks like a baby demon!

That's all I have to say now!

Bye Bye!

p.s. For those of you who can't comment because Google isn't recognizing your password, is maybe because your not typing your password correctly. And you can always comment as a non-user and just tell me who's commenting in the comment!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Porcipine Feet

Hope people are still reading my blog. Haven't posed for a while.

My mom asked me to help her clean up the garbage the racoons cleverly sampled. When I stepped outside, being the peson I am, I was overcome by the full moon and ran freely into the darkness, forgetting about the tree recently dropping golf ball sized burrs all over the lawn. Not being one to put my shoes on, I stepped on 2 or 3 of these burr balls with my size twelves, and was impelled by hundreds (yes, hundreds) of needle sharp slivers. What the purpose is for such a tree on the earth I do not know, I hope it was not put here just to teach me a lesson. My mother labored patiently over my big feet for over an hour with a magnifying glass and tweezers. It hurt. I was not so patient a patient. My mother should be translated. The feet still hurt. I guess their are really tiny ones that we can't get out, and there's also 20 holes in both of my feet. I have to elevate them when I drink anything.

Yet another experiment gone awry. Lesson learned - wear shoes outside in the dark.

Yep, life is is AWSOME......