Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Real Quick!

I decided while I'm here, I'll quickly put an acronym of M.A.G.I.C.C.H.E.E.S.E.

This is on the spot, not stopping to think about what to type

Here i go....

Majorly A Gigantic Ignorrant Cholasole Chunck Heep Eating Eggs Sunday Evening

............... it's something.......

What's this.......

Hey, looky there. Look what I got!

It looks like...... A POLL!!!!!


iMac is the best- PERIOD


Court of Honor

Tonite scouts, we will ahve a Court of Honor, the strange way of saying "wooptiedoo! i got this merit badge!!!" I will get to become a star! (Order: Tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, Star, Life, Eagle). im al set for life also! i Just need to wait 6 mounths because the book says to >:( Anyways, since im set for that, instead of going to scout camp like i have for 2 years, im going to go on a 50 mile canoe trip with other scouts that dont really need to go to camp anymore. Never been on one, only canoeing once, so this will be very owkward, but AWESOME ( more reasons why i chose this name.)

After writing this, it sounds very.....nerdy. I like scouts, but it just sounds strange, like " I'm going to become a Battle Lord because I got a Dragon Sword at the Camolot Awards. Now I'll become a level 76!!!!!!!! Yeah! *Snort** Push glasses back up my nose* * Snort again*


Monday, August 27, 2007

Red Carpet

This is some where in april, i forget when. But We managed to get out videos of Owen and Mzee animations ( which can be found on YouTube) and have them be in the Tribeca film festival!!!!

Here is Me and my Brothers walking the red carpet!!!!!


Blogging.... a new thing..

Well, this is my first (and only) blog. I don't really have much to say about anything. Well, i do, but that's the entire summer and year and little stuff, so it would take much too long.

Fine, ill give you a list (which means not that many details) of what i did (or will do).

-Traveled cross country
-Walked the Red Carpet and saw our little short at the Tribeca Film Festival
-Sleep-away Magic Camp
-Sleep away Scout Camp
-Working on two secret projects which i will not tell (yet)
-Beat Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES (..whith some helpful cheats, but i was kinda, sorta moslty against that)
-Visit Cousins in Utah (part of cross country)
-Learning Solfeggietto, Cannon in D, and Piano Man on Piano (working more on Solfeggietto and Cannon)
-Playing The Legend of Zelda (whith a helpful walkthrough of the game that i got off the internet, which it was kinda, sorta, COMPLETLEY my idea)

I think thats about it!

oh, yeah, the awsome acronym...

My brother Asked me if i was C.O.O.L. (Constipater Over-weighted Out-of-style Loser) or if i was a J.E.R.K. (Junior Educationally Retarted Kid). Knowing both of these, I decided to find an alternative....and I came up with A.W.E.S.O.M.E. what does it stand for (are you ready?)?
A Widley Expanding Series Of Makeshift Experiments .


ps oh for those of you who know me, the brother's name began with a B.