Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Impossibottles!

Impossibottles are basicly anything that is inside a bottle that fits impossibley inside, i.e., a deck of cards, inside of a Snapple bottle.
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

I mad these a couple weekends ago. I was inspired to make them after reading about it in a MAGIC magaziene, where it had an article about a guy who makes these and sells them for like $400 a bottle! Mine are not that good, and I do not really have that many resources for the tools that they usually use, but it's a fun hobby, and I think they could be worth at least $20 (at least on eBay). The first one I made is the one with half of the flap cut off. I was going to cut the bottom corner of the card case you so could see that there were actuall cards inside, but I forgot to. So I was going to cut half the flap off (while it was still in the bottle, which was very hard and frusterating to do) so you could see cards inside, but i couldn't get the flap to close all the way, so I just left it open, just like I should've instead of cutting. I also did this with a new deck of cards, so it may look a little better, card case wise, than the second one I made, which was made from a used deck of cards.

The second one I made I remembered to cut the corner. I got all 52 cards in there (as I did with the first one) and have them in new deck order (which is also like the first one. It's not important that they are inside the bottle in new deck order, but it just makes it feel more special to you inside). I even managed on the second one to have a seal on it! I've seen bottles (not in person though) that still have the cellophane on the bottles, which I know how to do, but not the patience.

There are plenty of other things you can put inside of bottles. Scissors, a pack of cigarettes, a block of wood with nails in it that would make it impossible for it to get inside, with a hammer on top, a tennis ball, a box of crayons, and even a rubik's cube. Of of these I know how to do, but do not have the meccesary tools, and/or just have not made them yet.

Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have making them!!!!

Birthday!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!

February 9th was my birthday. It was pretty fun. I got a camera, for when i go to Morocco, an IQ puzzle book, a $15 Gift card to GameStop, and as a "family" gift, a new remote for the Wii!!

Anyways, I had fun, and now it's over. I have to wait a whole 'nother 363 days till my a year older, and 727 days till I can drive!!!! It seems a lot sooner if you think about it that way.

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Giants Squish the Patriots! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I watched the Super Bowl last night. It was a good game, a very good game. At first, I was rooting for the Giants, but this was before the game. Then I realized, if the Patriots win, they could become the worlds best football team! And they did really good the first 3 1/2 quarters of the game, then Mr. Eli Manning catches the ball with his finger tips, getting them way closer to a touchdown, which they eventually got.

I also loved the commercials, they weren't as good as the previous years, but they had some really funny ones.
If you missed them, you can watch them at

Well, maybe next year they can make it to the super bowl. They are really good, to win 18 games in a row, I think they have another chance at the title!