Friday, April 17, 2009

Car + Ruler + Hanger = Gahhh

Saturday was fun. I got to see a magic show with my mom at the Waldorf Towers. We went to Nintendo World at Rockafeller Plaza. Ben, Noah, JJ, and my Dad saw Monsters VS Aliens in iMax 3-D. We went to FAO Swartz, a very big and cool toy store. I had a lot of fun that day... but in the morning......gah. We could not find the keys to our van, our transportation to NYC. We looked high and low, near and far, and we could not find them. I helped my dad break into our locked van, hoping they were in there, using our homemade Slim-Jim, consisting of a ruler with the top of a metal hanged tapped on top, that we used to break into the car once before. It was painful. We sliced the weather blocker a little. We had hurt fingers from pulling on the door to get our Slim-Jim inside. I read up on a few things on the computer (while the rest of my family tore up the house searching for the keys), that other people had used a wedge, a door stopper like device. I told my dad, who was still trying hard, about that. So, thinking with his mind, he got a golf club out of the trunk of our other car ( a sedan, so that wouldn't work for a long ride to New York), the club being a "wedge", and something else, I forget. We got the door open finally, only to find.... nothing. We continued to search the house. My dad went to pick up my mom from somewhere. We were all sad and mad, since this was the only dad we could go. If we didn't find the keys by 5, he would send me and my mom off on a train so we could see our show. My dad was exausted, so he took a nap. My mom eventually found the keys. They were on a kitchen chair, under a pair of pants of JJ's. We decided to clean up the front room, and all be in the car to suprise my Dad. We woke him up, he got ready, and then we made our way to NYC..... a long day, but it was fun.

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